[Song] 11/14 – The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band

Infrequently does a live recording of a session-cum-release evoke the need for revisiting, especially within the trance genre, but the aptly titled “11/14” from The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band (so named because of the date the session occurred) is a spectacular in and of itself. The upbeat, celestial, and frenzied release may not come off as an improvised take, but it still retains the energy of a jam that has come full circle.

Delineated into three segments, “11/14” is a structured in such a way that each individual track, as it were, flows into the next in a natural ebb of cosmic virtue. Though it’s somewhat difficult to ascertain where exactly the beginning track, “Planar” is differentiated from the middle piece, “Terra,” this doesn’t slow down an otherwise whirlwind-like movement of electronic music. As The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band, producer and primary musician Jared Sand can expose unique textures and the capricious nature of the chiller side of chill-hope, creating a listening experience that exists within the strict confines of time while escaping the arbitrary confines of space.

By experiencing “11/14” one is simultaneously listening to the stream of consciousness that is The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band. The live track jam is the perfect way in which to initiate oneself to a genre that isn’t designed for the traditional album format. Better yet, this release might just move one to experience The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band live. Either way, the track will provide an immersive and comprehensive experience.

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