Humpday Treats! 04.23.14

By Tamara Syed

The battle for the week continues with hand-picked free & legal downloads from Naive Thieves, 4EU3 mashing Trinidad James + Foster the People, Panama Wedding, Bold as Gold and Temples.


[Review] Eels - The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

By Jake Tully

For a band that has been more or less treading water the past few years, Mark Oliver Everett isn’t necessarily radical – rather, it’s the most introspective work Eels has produced in years. Everett bares his soul in the most unassuming fashion, both coming off as visually and emotionally shorn. ... READ MORE

PHD #1: The Walking Dead

By Ani Mikaelian

As if weak writing isn’t enough, I cannot express my disappointment in words over the lack of zombies in the series now. There were shocking deaths all throughout season 1, 2, and some even in 3, but then BAM the writers decide they’re going to introduce new characters and kill them off in the very same episode.   ... READ MORE

[Live] Bombay Bicycle Club at The El Rey 04.16.14

By Tamara Syed

Transitioning smoothly into “It’s Alright Now,” the congregated souls sang along to every word leaving one to ponder each person’s memory of first hearing the tune. Whether it was blasted in the car, through a pair of cheap headphones, or in a tiny dorm in the far reaches of campus, the positive vibes were all mutual. ... READ MORE

[Song] SZA - Babylon ft. Kendrick Lamar

Her recently released EP Z tells you what you need to know. Calling it an EP seems like a formality -- it's fully formed, 10 tracks long, and is enough of a difference maker to call it an album. A lot of it is slow motion, underwater, and intensely intimate. There are bursts of electricity, but the tracks that are getting the most attention are moody and slithering. ... READ MORE

[Review] The Secret Sisters - Put Your Needle Down

By Jake Tully

In their second venture with producer T. Bone Burnett, butternuts Laura and Lydia Rogers rejoice with another warm success on their sophomore album Put Your Needle Down. The Secret Sisters are Nashville darlings for good reason – the duo has the incredibly refined country sound down pat. ... READ MORE