Humpday Treats! 04.16.14

By Tamara Syed

Our weekly free download series to get you through Wednesday and into the downhill race toward the weekend. This edition features Best Coast, Calvin Harris, Com Truise and Bas.


[Review] Mistaken for Strangers

By Justin Pansacola

I don't really need to see an hour of Matt Berninger arguing with Bryce Dessner in the recording studio. It doesn't enhance my love for their albums. The National are lucky, then, that in the process of green lighting this documentary they stumbled upon a truly resonant, hilarious, endearing and meaningful story: Matt Berninger and his brother Tom, loving brothers but opposite ends of the spectrum, on tour and working through troubles. ... READ MORE

[Song] SIREN - I Think I Like You

What starts off as a light dreamy glimmer escalates into big stomp drums and a chorus that can ride for days. There's an impeccable balancing act between a beat that hangs heavy in the air and ringing tones that are light and sweet. ... READ MORE

Festival Fashion

By Alexis Dober

We gotta say, it takes a lot of confidence to run around wearing threads us girls used to play dress-up in. To name just a few, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and EDC are not only music festivals, but have become cultural movements that are about more than just the jams, but an outlet for our generation to express ourselves through fashion and costume. The one's who dress up in absurd, and almost annoying outfits are doing something right because they have us talking, and they have us looking. ... READ MORE

[Song] Mirah - Oxen Hope

The point of that story, besides to create a personable start that grabs your attention, is that Mirah has far outlasted any hormonal high school tastes. High school students are emotional wrecks trying on anger and fear and sadness as new looks, and music like Mirah's appeals to that. But even when you've weathered that storm and grown into some maturity, her music is still there. She's a timeless artist that stands up against the years. ... READ MORE

[Live] Barcelona at The Satellite 04.02.14

By Ani Mikaelian

You didn’t need much proof of it being a night for the books, not just for Barcelona alone but for The Satellite as well! How do I know? Because fans showed respect for the woman in the wheelchair who was rocking out and setting the bar quite high for the rest to follow. Because there was an 80 to 20 ratio of people hanging on to every note as heartily as the vocalists themselves. ... READ MORE