[Review] Henry Metal – Metal O’ Clock

It’s no easy task to the trace the evolution of modern metal, not is it simple to find prime examples of metal the likes of Priest and Cooper, but amidst the nu-metal, black metal and doom front, there are traces and shadows of the genre still out there. Some appear in overtly obvious manners such as Henry Metal himself, presenting 2017’s Metal O’Clock, an unabashedly fanatical tribute to metal as it once was, unsullied by thorn branch logos and an unwillingness to holler about Allister Crowley.

Who is Henry Metal, exactly? When is Metal O’Clock? The answer to both lie within “Thrash You Head,” but for the uninitiated the answer is simple – a good old metalhead and planning for a time is most un-metal, respectively. All japes aside, Metal O’Clock is objectively a classic metalhead’s record, with songs pertaining to mythology, the deconstruction of democracy and substance abuse – Henry Metal ensures this album contains it all.

In regards to musicianship, Henry Metal and the boys display a truly classic rock front talent. One can hear on record a maelstrom of enraged guitar, a furious and methodical bass and drums that neatly snap the skins right off. Take a track such as “Thank God For The Government,” something that might’ve opened up for Megadeath and run away with the show had it debuted in the late 80’s. Of course, the record isn’t entirely rooted in the mythos of metal – “Gettin’ Messed Up” is a natural and contemporary response to the current scene of party, while still keeping the forefathers of the heaviest type of rock around.

Henry Metal seems to genuinely enjoy the whole experience of creating under a hyper-specific persona and bringing the band into the fold as his heavy metal disciples. Metal O’Clock isn’t simply an implied period in which to rock out most supremely, but rather to enjoy metal outside of the context of a festival or a gathering with grease-paint clown-faced fellows. Let Henry Metal be the guide into the void.

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