[Video] Mason Summit – Hitting All The Reds

Though a young man himself, indie troubadour Mason Summit is already proving to possess the attributes of a bonafide Los Angeles troubadour.

In the video for “Hitting All The Reds” off of his upcoming record Gunpowder Tracks, Summit may not be attempting to fully embrace an alt-country mantle, but he certainly is developing an eclectic and astute presence as a singer-songwriter.

“All the credit for the aesthetic of the music video really has to go to my friend James (J.H. Dylan), who directed it and scouted the locations,” said Summit. “The video originally had this narrative of a young couple on the run, and I was to just make a little cameo, but that footage didn’t turn out the way James wanted it to, so it ended up being all me. The silver lining to that was that we stumbled upon this sketchy abandoned house and got some great footage, although a nail went straight through the sole of my shoe, which was pretty scary.”

It’s refreshing to see an artist look like they are genuinely enjoying some exploration of their craft, which one can see with Summit in spades. Summit isn’t merely trying to find his niche, he’s having an interesting and decidedly delightful time doing so.

“Hitting All The Reds” shows Summit as a thoroughly indie musician with a tinge of Son Volt and early Elliot Smith in his stylings. Summit has a youthful charm willing to embrace the urban cowboy aesthetic while still inhabiting a psychedelic angst. Summit is going places, believe you me.

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