[Song] Toxic Boy – Hungover Again

With bare-bones guitar and meticulously haunting production, Southern California’s Toxic Boy is becoming a Bandcamp favorite (and a top 5 finalist in SXSW’s Jam In The Van contest.) Toxic Boy’s first single from the forthcoming Acoustic Tapes, “Hungover Again” is the aftermath of Jameson-fueled discourse with nihilism; a minimalist’s plea the morning after a night of forgetting to appreciate some meaning new found meaning.

Reminiscent of early Eels, Southern California guitarist/singer Andy Groke channels both a survivalist songwriter mentality while still ever-so-slightly edging back into a garage-rock oeuvre.

Toxic Boy doesn’t make the case for pity. Rather, Groke asks for 2 more fingers of bourbon and cause to reflect. If that’s toxic, let’s have more of it. Toxic Boy can be found on Bandcamp at toxicboymusic.bandcamp.com (Voting for Toxic Boy in SXSW’s Jam In Van contest can be found here Through March 8.)

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  1. Daniel says:

    Sweet writing and sweet tunes!

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