[Song] Grace Mitchell – Runaway

Grace Mitchell is one of those enormously talented 16 year olds that make you feel like you were dumb for wasting your time on watching Finding Nemo and getting a driver’s permit at that age. Chances are you didn’t have her graceful voice or her seasoned years of young songwriting experience, but you never tried. You just spent your youth watching extended Lord of the Rings DVDs, didn’t you?

Grace’s biggest spotlight to date has been a spot on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack in which she covered “Maneater.” But it takes an expansive, widescreen original like this to get a good sense of her artistic identity. “Runaway” is a song that shows Mitchell is deeply learned in modern pop with a catchy sample, youthful love and fresh vibes throughout.

Her debut EP is out on iTunes today. Right now.

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