[Song] Reflections – Marva Holiday

Marva Holiday is what we call a warm-blooded human being. She subscribes to the school of thought (and quite literally proposes it in her track, “Reflections”) that one ought to be able to generate their own happiness without having to rely on others to do so. And while that may be the major reflection within “Reflections,” it’s certainly not the only one. Among many messages Holiday is poised to convey, she is assisting in leading a movement against ageism in the music and producing a mighty fine product to back it up.

Holiday’s late 2019 single is a demonstration of the singer-songwriter’s powerhouse vocal capabilities as well as pairing a traditional sensibility with modern phrasing. Simply put, Holiday’s single itself doesn’t contradict the message it’s conveying. Though, even if it did, such a though is irrelevant. Holiday is present and making music, putting in hard work to the industry and craft she’s committed to.

“Reflections” helps place Holiday in the realm of other powerhouse chanteuses, a tender R&B ballad that creeps down into your soul and settles there. It also makes the younger listeners among us think – life and thereby, the lessons learned in life do not stop developing at any set age. In fact, the technique of learning itself isn’t the only thing that continues; growth and happiness can occur for one at any time, too. When it comes down to it, Holiday’s track is about the prolonged lifespan we attribute to our own feelings and thoughts and the power and credence we lend to them. This cultivation of feelings certainly exists in the present but can be extended into the future, no matter where we are in our lives. To this end, I believe Holiday would firmly agree.
Ultimately, Reflections ends up being quite a bit to chew on and we find that Marva Holiday is force to be reckoned with. We look forward to joining her crusade to end the silly and arbitrary age precedents in music so that we may focus on the important things – namely, life itself.

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