[Song] Battle – Delyn Grey

In order to fully grasp the scope of Delyn Grey’s new single, “Battle,” one must also experience the accompanying music video. Though simplistic and without a shred of hubris, “Battle” is an emotional powerhouse from the young singer-songwriter and a poignant note about the mental struggles that a wide swath of the Generation Z crowd is facing. With the utmost bravery and clarity comes “Battle,” as well as the emerging force that is Grey herself.

Borne unto the Canadian alt-rock scene, Grey’s Great White North sound comes through – tinges of blue-eyed soul and late 90’s radio ballads are a thread throughout “Battle.” However, the sound is more indicative of a third wave of emo/piano rock balladeers that Grey captures. Coming in at under four minutes it’s a succinct message that the singer wants to convey – but perhaps brevity is best utilized for such a theme. Grey, a talented vocalist showcases her full range and ability to inhabit raw genuine emotion in a very immediate way.

In a day and age where media such as Euphoria can bring up an honest conversation about one’s emotional well-being, “Battle” not only fits in but raises the stakes, as it were. Gray doesn’t dance around the subject of her piece, she fully acknowledges it and embraces it. And, for the uninitiated, the track is incredibly unassuming. One doesn’t need to be deeply in touch with the cultural collective of emotions to understand the track. Grey is so attuned to her feelings that she creates and experience (be it an experience for her own generation or another – or both) that it gives one insight into the phenomenon that is our mental health, all without scolding anyone. What a kind idea.

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