[EP] Fern – Resurrection Fern

When we first heard from Resurrection Fern we heard from an artist who, perhaps defying conventional streaming, had found success in Twitch streams of her ethereal and gentle folkie musical stylings. Now, as it stands, Resurrection Fern’s semi-eponymous EP Fern, is a deeper exploration of her innate talent to interweave the vibrations of nature with her own brand of country music, including a new edge not before heard nor seen from the artist in previous releases.
Fern finds the direction of the singer-songwriter’s sound taking a turn for something that sounds more akin to Lera Lynn than say, Amy Grant. The gothic nature of Nashville’s acoustic scene had certainly begun to penetrate into Resurrection Fern’s style. The track “Hi Lo” is an example of the artist straddling both realms of the aforementioned artists – an almost literal showing of night and day, if you will.
Another splendid addition to Fern is the inclusion of Ub1k on the EP’s closing track, “The Way You Look.” A fellow Twitch streaming artist, the vocalist provides a gentle and earthly layer to the record, though in the end it makes for what one could simply label as a fine closing duet.
In the 1.5 years or so since Resurrection Fern has been showcasing her music digitally, we’ve heard quite a bit of growth and exploration of moods. Ultimately, Fern sounds like the theme one might hear emanating from a garden grove. And despite this enchanting imagery, it’s often heard via mobile devices and other bits of technology. It’s a fun dichotomy for a budding artist, and it will equally as fun to see what comes next for her.

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