[Review] Magical Beasts – Yes My Love, I Am Reaching

It’s still winter across many parts of the Western Hemisphere, and while in some places its more winter than others, the general feeling of the need for unionship, in one way or another, is prominent. Sure, some may call this time of year “cuffing season,” others use the beginning of the year to discover a newfound spirituality, while others still haven’t a clue what they want. The latter of this grouping, as well as all of the above, are applicable to the themes on Magical Beasts’ Yes My Love, I Am Reaching, a record so resplendent with sexual desire and the desire of which to desire that even the most liberated among us might blush.

Much like a climax and a (hopeful) yet oft eventual orgasm, the record builds like a session of thoughtful lovemaking. Though Magical Beasts leader Nathan Paulus has described the entirety of the record as devotion music, there’s no mistaking what journey is the intended for the listener on the course of this album. Of course, this journey in question intersects several parallel trajectories – the exploratory wisdom of faith, resistance of love, perhaps even the lucid yet fragile bridge of guilt. Yet, throughout this all, the inherent power of desire shines through. It almost doesn’t matter what one wants, but the sheer want alone is so immersive and inescapable that it has the power to driver one to several different outcomes and possibilities.

I liken the record to a New Year’s resolution of sorts. The music is familiar and sparse, the roots of the habit or routine one wants to build on or improve upon. And then, the meteoric call of someone or something you can’t deny comes along and throws you off track. Or so you think. Perhaps this person or thing is exactly what you need to set you in the right course of what you’ve been after all along. Magical Beasts may have created the musical interpretation of just that feeling.

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