[Song] Siren – Resurrection Fern


Following a stint of well-received singles and growing acclaim within the singer-songwriter community and the streaming community as a whole, Resurrection Fern’s “Siren” may be her most charming and deeply personal effort yet. Fern’s signature “whisper within the woods” sound comes out yet again, accompanied by a playful visual and fun production style that makes it all the more charming.

The most unique asset of Siren is the “Slofie” iPhone video that the artist put together – a selfie video montage of the singer mugging to the camera and providing vocals in a myriad of locations with a myriad of video filters throughout the course of the track. It’s simple affect, surely, but its overall a fun one at that, helping to flesh out the enigmatic nature that is inherent to the persona of Resurrection Fern, shedding some light on the her along with a sympathetic single.

There seems to be a thread of self-doubt in Resurrection Fern’s releases, and while such a mood doesn’t make her an unreliable nor beleaguered narrator, Fern’s consecutive string of singles seems to find more and more reassurance and identity as she goes along. The nature-specific vibe to Fern’s music (though, admittedly, maybe it’s personal opinion projecting this) has empowered Fern as a veritable goddess of the outdoors, a true symbol and champion of her namesake.

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