[Song] Savannah – Resurrection Fern

One might not immediately conflate the modern Americana scene with regular Twitch streaming, but for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Resurrection Fern, streaming content in new and tapped avenues has provided a valuable asset for the gentle and fancy-free music that Fern provides. With the single “Savannah,” Fern has not only scored with a mellow, contemplative track but she has also scored in achieving status as a Twitch Partner, adding a unique and forward-thinking element to her artistry overall.

The track itself presents a fairly typical effort in Fern’s chosen musical vein, with simple git-tar picking and a set of breathy vocals from the singer. Listeners are further treated to a pitter patter syncopation on the back end of the tune, simulating the gait of a wild horse running behind Fern’s landscape of song as she muses throughout the track.

Still, what is most interesting about Resurrection Fern’s output and current process is the fact that such gentle and atmospheric music is being presently broadcast on a streamlining platform often synonymous with energy drink-fueled gamers and volatile online campaigns of first person shooters and the like. While it’s certainly possible that streamlining platforms can – and have – change their nature, specifically, the nature of their content, it’s interesting to see things go the way of Resurrection Fern’s success. Specifically, it’s a novel concept to see an endearing and genuine artist have the platform in which to release her music to wide and content-hungry audience.

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