[Song] Julia/Lost and Found – Senor Pinch

It’s a rare once in a while that one finds an act as naturally talented and enigmatically positive as Senor Pinch, but such is the way that 2019’s music landscape is shaping up to be. Part folk, part bluegrass, part classic troubadourism, both “Lost and Found” and “Julia” from the West Coast band are perfect Southern California companions to the folk/forest/surf scene, conjuring up images of Hermosa Beach and Big Sur alike in a concise and exciting duo of tracks.

Vocalist Noah Caswell-Levy has a classic balladeer sensibility to him, transcending time and space in a cosmic-folk type of manner. By the same token, keyboardist Tim Ozer provides a powerful and resounding commotion on both “Julia” and “Lost and Found,” swapping between classic alt-country vibes and a modern, minimalist approach to the tickling the various ivories. Michael O’Hare’s mandolin does not go unnoticed either, the rustic and learned companion to the central banjo sound, rounding out a presence that is, altogether, friendly and accessible.

Both tracks show Senor Pinch presenting an easygoing sort of tune while simultaneously playing both sides of the same coin, as it were. On “Julia,” we her the companion to the backpacker’s adventure – the jaunty, wind in the willows type of fare that is ultimately the clouds parting for a brilliant ray of light. Within “Lost and Found,” the more canonical storytelling track is brought forth, where one can truly feel the presence and weight of the boys in the band – the wayward, ramblin’ sense of direction that has been channeled into a finely-tuned performance.

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