[Review] U.N. Article 14 – American High

To listen to is to be blown away by the veracity and inherent proto-punkiness of U.N. Article 14, American High’s tribute to MC5 era rock and the origins of punk as told by west coast natives. A rare, fun attempt at paying homage to punk forefather while still retaining a semblance of modernity, America High’s latest record is quickly shareable and often mood-ready music.

With literal imagery of a wall (likely alluding to human rights issues) U.N. Article 14 kicks off like an X album of yore, skipping the artifice of a formal mission statement of activists or edginess and cutting straight to the music of activism itself. From the beginning moments of “Cheye Calvo” the sunny yet forceful record finds its voice as well as regional director of global experiences all under the motif of California rock.

Rhythm and lead guitarists D.T. and E.S., respectively, live under the acronymic nature of their monikers and seemingly die by their commitment to the fast-paced and supercharged punk contained within the album. This is, of course, a happy death in that the creation of the record is a fantastic culmination of NorCal angst and Detroit-area hardcore roots. Proved best on the record’s titular track, American High has an innate ability to meld sounds and blend areas by both geography and era for a purely organic sound.

Listen for the nostalgic tones, listen for something relevant and new, be prepared to thoroughly enjoy some punk rock in 2019.

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