[Song] The Starman – Lord Sonny the Unifier

In an utterly fascinating juxtaposition of grungy garage vocals and a clean, posh glam-rock sound, Lord Sonny The Unifier certainly lives up to his moniker of harmonious pairings. On “The Starman,” Lord Sonny provides an effortlessly cool tribute to guitar mavens and exuberant frontmen of yesteryear, all the while incorporating a gently introspective Jim James-esque sensibility.

With a guitar sound cutting through the track like a buzzsaw that micro dosed before Bonnaroo, “The Starman” is neither overly self-righteous nor conflated with a false sense of the “good ol’ days” of rock ‘n’ roll. Rather, the group (led by the wild Greg Jiritaro) is an experiment of pure catharsis held back only by a longing to land within the tranquil cosmos above.

The accompanying video, equally righteous on its own, depicts the Lemmy influenced Jiritano, transporting from rural gothic areas to the miasma of corporate urban sprawls for a maship thta is both representative of heavy metal and cerebral proto-punk.

Through taking an aim at lofty ideas and subjects, “The Starman” never quite veers into the realm of pretentiousness or rock absurdity. Both the single and the accompanying video for the track tease the themes contained within the release all the while showcasing an exciting musical approach to the golen age of guitar rock, as told through the lens of those who know better.

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