[Song] The 7th Chapter of Job (Remixed) / The End of Tyranny (Remixed) – Chris Lastovicka

Boasting a highly impressive group of folks behind the helm including Jeremy Allon (mixer on Massive Attack’s Blue Lines) the brooding and powerful remixes from Chris Lastovicka’s catalogue are nothing of short of beautiful oblivion. With a set of singles on the record that all contain a signature Lastovicka dark turn, the tracks “The 7th chapter of Job” and “The End of Tyranny” best exemplify the reworkings of the artist’s original work as well as a transformation towards a challenging yet fruitful genre shift.

Both aforementioned tracks from Lastovicka represent the troubled yet brilliantly forward-thinking era of classical music composed with dreamy electronic nuances to create a true classical-pop hybrid. Where “The 7th Chapter of Job” is a slightly longer, sprawling devotion to suffering, it revels in the beauty of its grandiose nature and commitment o the era from which it is derived. Replete with operatic vocals that beautifully clash with proto-Stravinsky strings. Juxtaposed to “End Of Tyranny,” Lastovicka’s work can find itself more restrained and focused inwards, celebrating a micro-victory in the simple beauty of the song. With phenomenal engineering and mixing behind both tracks in question, Lastovicka’s work can’t help but feel automatically whole.

There’s little to pick apart with Lastovicka’s remixes, having made all the right decisions for the re-imaginings of the pieces. Put simply, both tracks are gorgeous compositions within gorgeous packaging. Little justice will be served from over analysis, one ought to listen to fully take both pieces in.

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