[EP] The Sum of All Parts – Mark Peters & The Dark Band

With an acute amount of devotion to creating an American-sounding record, Austrian-born Mark Peters makes light of an otherwise Herculean task with his latest release. Alongside his folk-rock outfit, The Dark Band, Mark Peters’ sensitive and thoughtful EP, The Sum of All Parts still retains a great deal of the humbled old world charm. Coupled with a production style that sounds, for a lack of a better term, complete, Peters & The Dark Band put forth a set of songs that encapsulate exactly what they are all about without compromising the honest nature of Peters’ songwriting.

While an American listener may not fully comprehend the romantic nuances of Peters’ swooning EP, its not difficult to comprehend the sheer amount of unbridled love that foes into the production of the songs. More than simply superficial musical wandering, tracks such as “Highs and Lows” are utterly convincing. To our brash, desensitized, North American ears, such a genuine statement of love may come off as overly corny, but the amount of passion in the record only cements Peters’ commitment to the songs.

Considering the EP is somewhat of a departure from the records produced in his native tongue, The Sum of All Parts signals a powerful and impressive turn towards an audience that is far more jaded than those Peters is likely used to playing for. With that in mind, a little heart from Peters & The Dark Band certainly can’t hurt to hear.

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