[Review] Gates Wide Open – Adam Rose

In a move that somehow overshadows the ethereal, fuzzy, 64-bit video game OST vibe of his other 2018 release, Levitate The Base, Adam Rose gets even more wild on Gates Wide Open, a polygon-centric venture to the world of atmospheric music. With zero gear and absolute confidence heading into a set of recordings that can only be described as “empowered,” Rose’s second release of 2018 is even more outlandishly funky than his first.

The main difference on Gates Wide Open from his previous 2018 release is Rose’s vocal presence throughout the record. Here, Rose’s true wizardry arises, looming over the music in a very King Crimson-esque manner. Still, the lingering fear to separate himself from Pier One Imports soundtracks are strong, seeing Rose employ native virtue into the banality of esoteric instrumentals. Gates Wide Open also finds imagery in a most unique – and often macabre – territories than Rose has previously encroached upon. To this end, Rose creates a natural and semi-linear pathway throughout the release, with tracks such as “Cemetery Lane folding quite nicely into “Phantom Ship.”

Roe has all of the tools at his disposal to create an otherworldly and uniquely engrossing sonic journey – Gates Wide Open is yet another exploration of his inherent prowess. Always a wizard behind the curtain of new age music exploration, Rose is more omnificent on this record than other entries, giving the extra dose of conviction alongside the weird jongleur vibes. Listen and drink Rose in.

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