[Review] Levitate The Base – Adam Rose

Firing off all cylinders in its full prog/new age-rock glory, Levitate The Base from Pittsburgh-based artist Adam Rose is a triumph in sonic sludge and musical fissures as well as a provider of a healthy dose of progressive heroism. Though its not quite outsider music, Levitate The Base is acutely aware of its unique qualities, ending up with a product that is crunchy, jam-worthy, and disruptive all the same.

Rose, whose mastermind behind the project peeks out in personal touches and nuances, clearly intended for the record to serve as a musical centerpiece rather than simply experimental background music. Tracks such as “Freaky Fried Flapjacks” and “Swampy Thing” are not only imaginative in their imagery but also impressive re-workings of a genre so often stymied in acid trip musings. Levitate The Base is an incredibly coherent and present entry into the modern vein of progressiveness in music. The record is clearly a labor of love for Rose, with inherent deliberation the intent behind nearly every sonic element.

As the multi-faceted sole instrumentalist on the album its safe to say that Rose touches upon several imprints of styles of genres that are near and dear to him. To that end, each track plays out like an inspirational touchstone in the artist’s road to betterment or a celebration of a personal victory that was hard fought. Though Levitate The Base is entirely instrumental, Rose’s personality shines through, if even on the most microcosmic of levels. Rife with cascading triumphs and a genuine sense of musical exploration, Rose’s latest ought not be missed.

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