[Review] On The Edge – Peter Senior

There’s regular old pop music and then there’s music that truly pops – the latter is the category in which Peter Senior’s latest record falls. Indeed, Senior’s On The Edge is that retro bit ‘o fun rarely found on records nowadays (save for the genres of novelty and gospel) placing the singer-songwriter in the same camp as other glossy acts such as Billy Joel and Felix Cavaliere. Boasting arrangement chops to boot, Senior isn’t just Mr. Showbiz, he’s got a great deal of heart and soul behind his music, affording listeners an experience both exuberant and thoughtful.

In many ways, On The Edge captures Senior in his purest essence – that of a true balladeer. Amidst the rollicking show tune-adjacent tracks is quite a bit of humbled brevity on the record. Inserted at the halfway point is “Savor The Moment” Senior’s most effortless and genuine addition to the cache of personal songs. “Savor” finds Senior at his most vulnerable and his most inspirited, stripping away horns and backing vocals to feature the true core of songwriter-cum bandleader all the same. This is not to say that Senior’s real essence is elusive or pragmatic, it is, however, a boon to the album to feature his music in a de-escalated fashion, a reprieve from the fun-loving vernacular found on the rest of On The Edge.

With a recently released Christmas single under his belt, Senior’s 2018 has been nothing short of eventful. An awakening as an artist with inherent panache, Senior displays a skill that many others in his field often lack – self-awareness.

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