[Song] 2 Close – Mason Roberts

In a most animalistic and tribal manner, Mason Roberts wants to keep you at an arm’s distance. Oh, trust and believe Roberts wants you all right, but his lust is tempered by temptation that displaces his ability to make a move outright. Much like Squeeze’s ode to fruits of another, Roberts’ “2 Close” confronts the age-old conundrum of a forbidden love, casting a millennial sheen upon it.
The track’s “Sephora Sale Club Remix” aesthetic is one of the most interesting and endearing aspects concerning it. Roberts takes a topic normally taboo and makes it conversational, though most importantly, digestible. It does little to write about the merits of the track’s entertainment value or how crowd-friendly it may be, but the immediacy upon which the promise of these two aspects are delivered is the incredible journey Roberts takes one on.

Roberts uses the ever-popular trick of placing himself as a shaman-inspired vocalist, weaving in and out of the Eastern-influenced beat. This significant locality of vocals is metaphorical for the subject matter of “2 Close” as Roberts simultaneously removes himself and introduces himself to the situation at hand. The uber-metropolitan charisma that the artist provides takes what is traditionally a workingman’s tune and makes it achievably elegant.

Overall, “2 Close” is pop confection at its purest, making sure not to perverse a formula that clearly operates so well. It’s nice to see familiarity and professionalism in rotation, a hallmark of the trade that Roberts will no doubt continue to thrive upon.

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