[Song] Fall Girl – Geoff Gibbons

Geoff Gibbons is a consummate songwriter in capturing the feelings of a season. In the instance of his fourth quarter single “Fall Girl,” Gibbons celebrates the merits of autumn as well as the drifting glances of romance we may feel as our wayward souls drift into the Holiday Season. On the track, Gibbons is the most confident narrator about being unconfident in love, a familiar yet frustrating dichotomy for many.

“Fall Girl” helps demonstrate a sort of easygoing pain that few artists can articulate well in song, much less make an believable and gripping narrative in under 3 minutes. Gibbons likes to play the situation like an old-school rock track. However, like something from a Big Star session that made its way into a jaunty and uplifting ode to modern love, the song also discusses the foibles of having feelings one way or another.

Gibbons plays upon a fun dichotomy of small town merits within a big town setting. He takes his involvement in the country genre to project this value system in a very tongue-in-cheek type of manner. Even down to his emphasis of the platitude within title, the line, “She’s a all girl/But she’s never going to fall for me” has the ideal humble pie piquancy of country-western darlings.

It doesn’t seem right to entirely characterize Gibbons as a singer-songwriter who plays to tropes. Rather, he plays to his unique strengths, using a kitschy concept to make a statement about the adoption of personas the romance the follows this. The formula is clever, charming, and relatable – just Gibbons’ style.

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