[Song] Silver Linings – Leon Seti

It’s unclear where exactly it is that Leon Seti fits into regarding a contemporary scene, but perhaps European Chillwave is most fitting for an artist who is clearly enamored with early 90’s avant garde and new age classicism. While “Silver Linings” may be Seti’s more vulnerable and introspective single of 2018, it’s more sensual than anything else. However, the sensuality exists literally in the pure moods sense – finding vigor and sexuality within vibrations, nature’s essence and the emotional landscapes that others cultivate.

“Silver Linings” brings about an approach not often heard – a guide on how to powerfully and poignantly interact with the emotional and psychological wavelengths of those around him. In the most classic new wave sense, Seti speaks to the intangible yet perceptible energy around us, transcending earthly sounds to inhabit a higher sonic plane. Leo Baldi, the force behind Leon Seti, clearly understands that he’s not simply crafting a song about love or loss, instead crafting a song about the changing dynamics and parallels one may face when their relationships with the exterior world also changes.

The shimmering, ethereal, light beat breakdown that Seti uses on the track helps root the single in a terrestrial sense, guiding the track to remain a new age hybrid rather than music that may be categorized as a companion to guided meditation. Though dancing to it may prove a challenge, it’s an interesting proposition to pair “Silver Linings” with say, a crystal healing or tarot intuition session. No matter what the scene, Set’s music can help in setting a positive intent and president.

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