[EP] Deb Montgomery – All The Water

Records concerning the virtue of youth, particularly when it is associated with an unnerving an fatalistic perspective of the elements, can produce some of the most intriguing entries within the folk genre. Deb Montgomery is no stranger to the creation of brooding, stormy, and reflective alt-folk, and on her latest EP All The Water, Montgomery explores the susceptibility that nature may simultaneously embolden and defy. Montgomery is a brazen narrator that takes little issue with divulging her innermost weaknesses and fears all the while promoting the virtues of facing said fears.

All The Water primarily deals with a quite literal relationship to the ocean (whether that relationship is Montgomery’s own or an amalgam of collected relationships is up for debate) but the conversation certainly doesn’t stop at the shore. Montgomery channels a simultaneous stream of Lucinda Williams and The Cranberries on “Hold On,” finding herself evoking biblical and domestic subject matter all the same. With respect to production, it’s almost as if the EP has been enabled to project typical Americana and post-grunge sounds over one another for a swelling, unexpected dichotomy of sounds and landscapes.

Montgomery’s EP is full of curious juxtapositions both sonically and lyrically, but it’s par for the course with the brand that the singer-songwriter is curating. “All The Water” is not only a fine entry for Montgomery, but one that established her as an artist that can use the toll of nature as a jumping off point – after mastering that, there are few places Montgomery can’t go.

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