[Review] ivoryHAUS – self titled

Electronic music that is as tranquil as it is uplifting, ivoryHAUS’ self-titled release is both a work of nature and work from nature. Conjuring up literal pachyderm imagery with the name of the release, the record’s cover and the triumphant soundscapes, ivoryHAUS is much like the gentle giant of ambient and atmospheric music.

In many ways, ivoryHAUS’ music is similar to that of a modern fairytale – a cyber-punk reimagining of winged creatures, babbling brooks and virtue-laden supernatural happenings. It may seem like quite an undertaking to load such a presence into one record of experimental instrumental music, but it’s a track like “Sweet Dreams: that ends up being just the right amount of Aesop phantasms and positive salutations.

Noa Spott, the creative force behind ivoryHAUS has said himself that this record is rooted in nature the experiences of discovering nature’s bounty. While this intent is apparent on the album, such a description may be selling the music short. ivoryHAUS transcends the tropes of what is simply atmospheric electronica and crosses into a Platonic plane reserved for meditation and crystal clarity. Much like the elephant itself is often a symbol of inner peace, mindfulness and power found in stability, this record reflects those values without uttering a simple word – quite a feat.

The latter half of ivoryHAUS may best demonstrate a shift in sonic moods, but Spott still makes the listener feel as though they are rooted within the Earth, perhaps even rooted beside Gaia herself. Stay humble, stay cognizant of your surrounding and let ivoryHAUS do the rest of the work.

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