[Song] Limbo – Scott Chasolen



Scott Chasolen certainly isn’t an artist who is difficult to establish an emotional connection with. On his recent single, “Limbo” demonstrates a no-nonsense and gentle release from a songwriter not afraid to bare his soul. A swelling cascade of confusion, concession, and emotional depletion, all wrapped in a sonically pleasing package. “Limbo” may not be the end-all-be-all definitive statement on the sorrowful purgatory many of us have faced in a relationship, but tis is nonetheless highly potential and relatable.

As a keyboardist, Chasolen ebbs with tranquility throughout the track, playing upon the subject rather than the tune itself. Much like the track’s narrative details a frenzied inner monologue, Chasolen’s musical presence soars and falls into dark valleys – once can hear him emote quite well on the song. In many respects, Chasolen reminds one of Jeff Buckley (particularly on “Lilac Wine”) intermingling his vocal skills with the literal crescendo of the track.

While delving into the nature of a grievous emotional state can be tedious or otherwise less than entertaining, it takes a special brand of artist to defy and drudgery that may occur. While Chasolen may not be able to entirely sanitize or energize the difficulties of relationships (nor should he attempt to) he can offer us a creative outlet that is highly pleasurable and beyond basic feelings. “Limbo” can’t help but show Chasolen’s unique artistry with a universal them – a talented artist who has no problem dispersing some commonality in times of divisiveness.

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