[Song] With My Eyes Wide Open – Brother Brother

There was a time where music the likes of the Flobots was critically acclaimed, heralded, even. In the course of its popularity, such music strayed from the original product, becoming an indistinguishable style of music. Seemingly picking up where others have failed to deliver, Brother Brother takes the formula of the suburban pop/rap synthesis and brings it back to what it once stood for. “With My Eyes Wide Open” is an invigorating and unique meeting of sensibilities and musical worlds that have proven to work together in a most harmonious manner.

“With My Eyes Wide Open” is a feeling of wellness – a welcomed sensation in a sea of pessimism and cynicism. Brothers John and Bradley Anderson play both sides of pop, blending in a rustic, almost country-adjacent vibe to the track. There’s a surprising level of rap literacy from the duo as well, curating an energy that far surpasses are mere hybridization of music. Through this, a romanticism of youth is found within the song that Brother Brother captures so well. One can think of it as a sampling of excitement found within falling into an explosive type of love.

It is this testament of modern love by the brothers that reigns supreme in the oeuvre of “With My Eyes Wide Open.” A holistic approach captured well by producer Matt Odmark, there is both an immediate and long-lasting magnetism between the brothers, found immediately upon the track beginning. In other hands, electronic beats and banjo may come off as muddled or overambitious, but it is an overtly positive victory.

There’s no need to conflate what Brother Brother has achieved with their single, but it’s also an important note to champion something effortless and timely all the same. More hybridization, less diluted efforts to please too many.

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