[Song] Paradice – Mavrick Savvy

In the classic fashion of Atlanta-based hip-hop Mavrick Savvy’s “Paradice” is a fast-paced flurry of contemplative ruminations set to a classic trap-inspired beat. Savvy, sometimes elated, sometimes at his wits end, takes the classic trope of the misspelling of “Paradice” utilizing it as a means to deliver a reflection on an inadvertently complicated and strained existence.

Within “Paradice,” Savvy offers a relatively routine narrative as it relates to the overall scope of hip-hop – loss and the chance of redemption, though with bated hopes. Savvy’s confidence, however, places him in a unique position where he’s both a part of the system and actively working against the very same system to rise above it. “Paradice” implies that the game inherently leads to some profound or attainable fortune. Clearly, as Savvy recants his personal story to us, it may not.

The track straddles a fine line between lo-fi production and a song that in canonically sample-friendly. Given this, Savvy finds himself Soundcloud ready and primed for Spotify simultaneously, an interesting, if not somewhat difficult position to be placed into. Fostering the ideas of the hustle aligned with a colorful and eventful life, Savvy is seemingly doing everything correct in terms of bolstering his career.

Never deviating from the typical rap formula, Savvy follows a roadmap for success that seems to hold true. One wonders what Savvy might be capable of if unleashed within a less restricting format.

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