[Song] LeeSun – Dry Your Eyes

Much like Donovan ushered summer into fall 50-odd years ago with “Season of The Witch,” LeeSun seeks to unfurl the rays of sunshine into an autumn pallor with “Dry Your Tears.” Bewitching, sultry, and pleasurably wicked, the U.K. singer-songwriter can’t help but entrance listeners with a fascinating single that sounds as it if were dug up from the marsh and given free reign to preside over the dominion of the living. There’s supreme power in a track the reveals the dark glamour in aging through grief, and LeeSun has nailed the beauty of transitioning to a season of the unknown wiles of darkness.

Living a life fighting off misery, one might say, LeeSUn takes a journey through several iterations and generations of sorrow. A vocalist with phantom-like qualities to her, LeeSun captures well the foreboding yet inexplicable dread that the fall season may hold. The fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs lend an even greater air of seasonal dread, a brisk shudder of cool weather, as it were. “Dry Your Eyes” is a chilling and fascinating portrayl of a woman’s work never being done, especially given the seasonal expectations and oppression of women.

With a full release slated for the end of October, LeeSun will no doubt impart a record of hauntingly relevant songs about life’s maladies. Mortal, witch, or otherwise, SunLee nonetheless embodies the earnest essence of human nature itself as best she can.

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