[Song] Hidden Wings – Angela Predhomme

A surprisingly lushly orchestrated single, Angela Predhomme’s “Hidden Wings” is more than just a positive piano-driven ballad. The Detroit-based songwriter employs Berry Gordy-esque harmonies with a modern filter of early 00’s female singer-songwriters. Uplifting, both in message and in melody, Predhomme’s single fits squarely into the camp of “feel good” music that aims to inspire.

One of Predhomme’s greatest musical assets is that her style, while reminiscent of her contemporaries, is never simply a duplicate of said contemporaries. Rather, Predhomme, draws upon a wide swath of musical talents from George Harrison adjacent melodies to Joni Mitchell vocals and everything else in between.  As “Hidden Wings” is about the power of positive enskinment and self-fulfilling prophecy, Predhomme has no doubt employed this psychology in her own career, confidently composting a track that requires a great deal of vocal conviction and overall presence on record.

The track is very indicative of the Apple Records stile of releases – lush production and drum fills, a quiet riot of background swells that compliment Predhomme’s voice, production that ultimately empowers and charges the song as a whole. Poppy, yet poignant, “Hidden Wings” has all of the necessary elements in which to elevate and resonate equally.

Predhomme is an uplifting force in music – something there is far too little of these days. One needn’t necessarily find themselves on a mission to seek encouragement though her music – they need only be seeking a message with a great deal of faith.

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