[Song] The Hypnosis Detox: Chapter 4 – Avi Jay D

To posit that there is “nothing quite like” a particular artist is often a lazy and untrue statement, but there are rare circumstances in which that certainly may be the case for a particular release. In this instance, Avi Jay D’s “The Hypnosis Detox” series combines an unthinkable amount of cross-genres and sensibilities to form a hybrid of poetry in motion, quite literally speaking. Though eleven chapters strong, Avi Jay D’s “Chapter 4” is one of the most interesting and astounding segments of the series, showcasing D’s ability to meld thought-provoking lyricism with more traditional house ambience.


Admittedly, there is a fine line between self-indulgent slam poetry and an artistic cross-pollination that truly amounts to something greater. For Avi Jay D, “Chapter Four” deals with lucidity and consciousness, and realms of awakening and dreams, perpetuated by otherworldly fantasies. On the track, D says, “She looked wonderfully exquisite/as beautiful as an art exhibit/the type of miracle that had me wondering/ if I was awake or still dreaming.” The stream of consciousness recanting D’s inner monologue is jarring, if not somewhat elementary in some respects. Put over the electronic beat, Avi Jay D sounds like someone who has taken recreational pills for the first time and is experiencing an awakening that is chemically induced.

Highly unique, if not verging on bizarre, there is simply nothing quite like “The Hypnosis Detox” series. A true melding of styles, mediums and forms of prose, Avi jay D’s undertaking is certainly something to behold.

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