[Review] Flowers/Lovers – Lil T-Shirt

And so it goes – the “Lil’ hip-hop game goes international. This time, it’s resonating in the hinterlands of Sweden, Lil T-Shirt the confident and eclectic MC that he is. With a musical sensibility that is more house-oriented than trap. Flowers/Lovers is as Royksopp and Travis Scott combined forces for an indie-centric dip into the “Lil” R&B genre the likes of which have yet to be seen.


In spite of Lil T-shirt’s unique release, the originality of the album never gets in the way of placing the music in the stratosphere of other electronically-minded hip-hop artists. Lil T-Shirt may be further removed from the mantle of the record’s tracks than say, a personality such as Post Malone. However, this feature doesn’t diminish a cut such as “Summer,” a standard lo-fi track that in this day in age is primed for popularity. More telling of Lil T-Shirt’s geographic location is, unsurprisingly, on the track ,”Ice,” a song that is distinctly European as well as distinctly Swedish. Flowers/Lovers presents a working class record to a proletariat audience. Whereas other rappers in the same circles as T-Shirt are presenting music that exposes an extravagant lifestyle or more simply, jams, our man is more revered and focused on content.

Flowers/Lovers works somewhat of a seminal release for the genre, a record that undoubtedly fits in while also bucking the trend of content that centers around millennial new money culture. Don’t let this cut the music off at its knees – it’s still a fine soundtrack for kicking it.

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