[EP] Lola de Hannah – Welcome

A most visceral release in many respects, New York’s own Lola de Hanna is a young woman with quite a bit on her mind. On the EP Welcome, Hanna brings forth a release that combines emo sensibilities and baroque-scene music, through never shying away from a traditional garage-rock revival sound. Welcome is a captivating record that takes several sharp turns during its course to identify Hanna’s sound, ultimately landing her in a place as eclectic as they city she hails from.

The unparalleled standout track on the EP is the riot-girl adjacent “It’s Our Time.” Using this track as a catalyst towards indie-rock, Hanna jettisons Evanescence the vibe and holds on to something closer to Carrie Brownstein. Also helping to exemplify her vocal capabilities, the more subdued track of the bunch is arguably the best. Of course, Hanna has a bit of a Velvet Underground streak throughout her release, with a “A Place of Fire” sounding like a delightfully Nico-esque track. The sitar enigma on “Still Here” is an endearing ode to the proto dream-pop era of East Coast rock, rounding out the record in a fashion much more suited for the indie circuit.

While the introduction to Welcome may seem as though it is an entirely different venture for Hanna, it all congeals quite nicely into a thrash-worthy and fully informed concept. No slouch at preparing some loud feelings for the record, Hanna is a sensationally in-touch songwriter who can effectively add flavor to genuine sentiments.

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