[Song] Jillian Shea – Story

Where is the current space of teen pop headed and how, if much at all, has the genre changed? The answer to the latter question, unsurprisingly is a resounding “not much” – but this is in no way a death threat to the realm of teenaged pop. Take, for example, Jillian Shea’s latest single, “Story.” Shea, a teen herself uses the track to deal with the intricacies of existence that other teens must contend with, though Shea has the upper hand of being a recording artist as well as having lush production behind her, scoring her thoughts and feelings. Thusly, Shea’s inner monologue us put to music – but that’s getting all too clinical. Simply put, “Story” is everything one would come to expect from a teen songstress’ latest single in a world where teen songstresses have been facing some rough times.

A current Disney star to boot, Shea’s latest may have something to do with her young life intertwining with the pressures of stardom. Although the subtext of “Story” may seem as though it points towards the hardships of young relationships, upon repeat listens one can suss out a level of existential turmoil in Shea’s glitzy narrative.

Still, regardless of the interpretation, it’s important not to stray too far from the heart of the matter – Shea has crafted a delightful single coming hot off a career in multiple mediums. Shea’s presence on the song is strong and distinguishable – it feels as though “Story” is coming from her specifically as an artist versus any old radio swinger up at bat. Though more melancholy than some other singles circulating the streaming services, it’s still objectively fun and a nice departure from the hyper-adulthood that many young starlets are often forced to inhabit.

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