[Song] Heartracer – Diamond Sea

Heartracer strikes once again with a nostalgic and grandiose single, “Diamond Sea” just in time to compete with fellow vaporwave-adjacent acts. Similar to the recent brand of synth-pop promoted by the likes of Alex Turner, Heartracer focuses on form rather than hearkening back to a fad. With that in mind, “Diamond Sea” is deliciously poppy and filled with anthemic summer vibes.

With production that rivals radio-friendly contemporaries who are featured in places from stadium tours to clubs, “Diamond Sea” helps place Heartracer with the current class of indie-pop titans. The track recalls an earlier time in which the scene was more invested in retrofitting its sound with intentionally loud and brash releases that straddled the line between losing one’s edge and losing one’s religion. Walking a tightrope between distinct musical zeitgeists may be a potentially dangerous angle – for Heartracer, it has always been advantageous.

Vocalist and guitar brethren (quite literally) Chris and Chip Cosby, respectively, create a sonic testament similar to that found within a group such as Berlin – a state -or stupor- of unrequited love paired with the fantasy of unrivaled romance. In the classic fashion of a summer release, “Diamond Sea” is just bombastic enough to stand out while still managing to hold on to substance. Primed to be a hit and still find itself on rotation in the fall, Heartracer has rewarded us with entirely pleasant pop.

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