[Song] Head Banging – Synthonic

It’s certainly the age of urban electronica – a sentiment that would be correct in both 2004 and 2018 (as well as 1996.) Though, no matter the year, such an indelible brand of music seems to be constantly be in vogue, and Synthonic’s latest single “Head Banging” is no exception to the rule. Driven by a muzack-adjacent bear that defies several basic conventions, “Heading Banging” is a fast-paced and spiritual cousin to music otherwise reserved for parlors and waiting rooms.

An interesting subversion to a genre often rooted more deeply in a James Murphy type of vein, Synthonic delves into the minutiae of  city life, channeling the energy one might find during their morning commute or waiting for a fax to be completed in the office. It’s not to say that “Head Banging” emulates boring music – quite the contrary. Rather, the track is a companion to the feeling and atmosphere from which people seek to break out of during the work week, ditching routines and schedules for something more exotic. (The title of the single alone suggests the difficulty one might face while procedurally encountering the daily grind.)

Similar to the sonic textures that Daft Punk often experimented with during the formation of sound much more signature, Synthonic find themselves adjacent to the “virtual reality soundtracks” accolades that many mid-late 90’s electronic artists unfairly received. Lack of musical vocabulary notwithstanding, the unwieldy comparison may hold up for “Head Banging,” a futuristic yet simultaneously contemporary sound that ends up squarely fitting into the current cultural vernacular

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