[Review] Taylor James – Insane

Where have all the sexy albums been hiding out at? Behind the bastions of mumblecore rap and ghastly indie-synth outfits, we seem to undervalue the seductive R&B record. Have no fear, however – Taylor James brings the heat with his 2018 release Insane, a collection of tunes that make for excellent listening at a party or in the boudoir. A mellow gold vocalist, James is not unlike his soul/gospel counterparts before him, honoring a traditional of rhythm and blues that combines several musical landscapes. Insane may best qualify the supernatural feeling one gets whilst listening to he record, feeling otherworldly and seductively charged all the while.

James has the fascinating power to provide for several distinct styles on his record, from a Stevie Wonder-infused jam of “Good News” to the categorical bedroom number, “Make It Right.” James knows not only how to put on a groove and make it work for a particular feeling or scenario, but the groove has the ability to change the feeling or scenario itself. Employing assistance from vocal powerhouses such as Ann Nesby, James completes the circle of what we think as classical soul, performing with the best weapons in his arsenal. Insane is a culmination of many of  perfecting a love for Motown ballads all the while providing a modern romantic spin to them.

Missing out James’ electrifying persona and record is a great shame – fall in love with Insane and the one you’re with alongside Taylor James

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