[Review] Alien Country – Like My Life Depends On It

Now here’s something refreshingly earnest – Alien Country’s foray into categorical science-fiction western music is nothing short of genial sea of tranquility hospitality. Touting the new release of Like My Life Depends On It, Alien Country may not quite be at the Phillip K. Dick level of inspired interstellar adventures, but its subtle nods to the entire juxtaposition of country and the final frontier make the record that much more agreeable. It’s difficult to dislike Alien Country frontman Liam Marcus Torres right bat, creating a most affable narrator for the semi-cosmic voyage.


Incorporating soundscapes that are wide-reaching and reminiscent of times where country was often categorically loud and proud, Alien Country doesn’t shy way from a record that promotes flagrancy. On the track “Blame” a more traditional country duet finds Torres emulating a country boy with textbook country problems – albeit problems that have a tinge of the celestial realm to them. Alien Country’s ace in the hole is never reaching too far into the bag where the space-country gimmick lies. Rather, Like My Life Depends On It looks into the heavens whereas ordinary country may look only as far as the floorboards of a Jeep.

An easily palatable record given its affinity to hit the country blue notes, as it were, Like My Life Depends On It is conceptually fascinating and surprisingly comforting. One might not imagine such a literally “spacey” record would provide as much solace as something more traditional, but such a case is a testament to Torres honing his skills in an arena where form is often valued as much as content is. In the case of this record, not quite fitting into a box is an immense asset for Torres and his very promising career.

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