[Review] Can’t Stop Now – Suki Rae and Company

The term “new age collectivist folk pop” may not come up often in many, if any, descriptors for modern music, but this fact certainly doesn’t discourage Suki Rae’s Can’t Stop Now from inhabiting a space that is exactly that definition. A cacophony of positive vibes featuring Rae’s friends and fellow musical revolutionaries, Can’t Stop Now is perhaps the most apt title for a collection of songs that never falters in its mission to defy the antagonistic nature of our culture and current vein of musical infamy.

Much like the earlier part of Rae’s career, her latest release combines a dose of Eastern philosophy with a devotion to East Coast culture. This combination is one that likely earned the “new age” accolades early on for Rae. In the generation that praises the state of being “woke,” the idea of new age takes on an entirely new connotation as does the music surrounding it. Though Rae has never been as new age as say, the Pure Moods compact disc collection, her musical collaborations have moved into multi-genre territories, encompassing sounds that are best described as “spiritual.” The track “I’m Gonna Climb To The Top Of The Mountain” exemplifies the musical geography and convergence of ideologies. Similarly, “Waitin’ For The Light” is a jam in the most classic sense – an improvisational prayer to good vibes and change.

Rae approaches her record in an old-school activist fashion. Without the use of tricky rhetoric trajectories, pettiness or virtue signaling, Rae and company call upon the virtue of change through the use of empathy and understanding. Rae is an influencer in the truest sense, with message seeing a parallel level of importance as music within her record.

Protest music might imply anger and perhaps misjudgment. Rae is a truly an example of peace-oriented music. Call it new age, call it grassroots, slap it with the lazy “folkie” tag, Rae walketh as she talketh and singeth as she does, too. Unassuming, kind, and genuine, Can’t Stop Now is a true embodiment of music that makes one feel good while making others question why such a feeling isn’t a constant presence in their lives.

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