[Review] East Coast Live – Delta Deep

It becomes a curious point in any aged rocker’s career when they seek out an appreciation for roots rock or when one makes a concerted effort to put on a series of blues shows. As Clapton and B.B. noted at the apex of blues acceptance in the country, audiences for the genre can be difficult to cultivate and the appreciation for the genre comes with age. Bearing that in mind, Delta Deep banks on the profile of their lineup and the canonical rock standards of their set in East Coast Live, a classic rock effort that ought to reward Generation X handsomely.

This is most definitely your parent’s rock and roll record. However, your parents likely had the advantage of catching the tail end of the 80’s stadium tours as well as the golden hour of grunge, represented in Delta Deep by Phil Collen and Rob DeLeo, respectively. Top-notch musicianship alongside industry veteran vocalist Debbi Blackwell-Cook brings some serious soul to original compositions such as “Treat Her Like Candy” as well as blues standards such as “Black Coffee.” In defense of experience, every track on East Coast Live, no matter its infamy, sounds fresh and natural from the group, no doubt thanks to Blackwell-Cook and legendary drummer Forrest Robinson.

Those not initiated to the blues will find in Delta Deep a highly accessible vehicle for entry. Those well-versed in rock supergroup outfits filling the latter half of their performing career with a blues pet project will also see familiarity and undoubtedly hear the chemistry between Blackwell-Cook and Collen. In any case, it’s hard to move past the opening track of “Black Dog” without feeling some gravitation towards Delta Deep’s mission – let it ride and enjoy the jams.

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