[Song] Seanloui – Tell Me

Tapping into the market or dreamy and ethereal pop-hybrids, Seanloui’s “Tell Me” immediately showcases the myriad elements of a Weeknd adjacent artist, embodying the qualities that once made the group so fascinating. On his 2017 track Seanloui does not hold back, releasing a richly emotional song without sacrificing the chilled out vibe that provides the perfect setting to nearly any situation.

In it universality, “Tell Me” finds Seanloui in an emotionally raw space, but not one that disposes his ability to remain entirely tranquil. Seanloui is shaman-esque in his navigation through a network of impassioned feelings, crafting a vision of relationships many  know all too well. Hitting an emotive peak with a Sam Smith-like vocal range, Seanloui isn’t merely an artist with motivation, he’s one with demonstrable talent.

Despite the intensity of the single, Seanloui does not allow “Tell Me” to escape from the relative zeitgeist of early 2000’s club hits. Replete with a fuzzy phone line interlude, “Tell Me” is a throwback to a multilayered musical experience in the club where one might achieve a state of placidity in juxtaposition to an external scene that may promote a substance-induced frenzy.

Seanloui’s latest is a recent entry in the sensitive-positive arts, a scene that welcomes an outpouring of pathos in the confines of neo-traditional pop. “Tell Me” has a great deal of inclusive appeal behind it and no doubt hopes to vibe in a more gentle and transparent wave of music.

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