[Song] Yaysh – Daep

If 2018 had not already teed itself up to be the year that ushers in a winning female presence to nearly every genre, allow Yaysh to be among the forefront of artists to bring on the groundswell of change. On the sexy and culturally charged single, “Daep,” Yaysh uses the Vietnamese language to emulate pop as well as R&B powerhouses while dispelling an ethnocentric agenda that results in a single championing the LGBTQ community.

Yayh’s single may quite literally sound like the Colorado-bred MC is repeating “Dank” at the top of the song, but it’s this similarity to a much less intricate hip-hop commonality that makes the track so interesting and endeavorous. Where it separates itself from the course of contemporary hip-hop, however, is its authenticity in relation to a sex-positive narrative. When Yaysh spits the line, “I’m probably just your side chick/but I would like to imagine/You and I for a lifetime/I am so hooked on you,” we are clearly not hearing a surface-level outcry to passing beauty – it’s a call for some soul-level yearning.

“Daep” follows the peculiar trajectory of the lionshare of modern hip-hop-cum-popular music vernacular with its trap-lite setting, but the single works incredibly well in the context of Yaysh’s desire to run alongside her fellow artists rather than subvert them entirely. Yaysh isn’t attempting to establish herself as an outsider, nor is the concept of daep a foreign one; all she is really asking for is some semblance of acceptance. I have no doubt she will find it in 2018.

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