[Single] Standalone Syndrome – Sinoptik

There’s music that is categorically “stoner rock” and then there’s music that just so happens to accompany the stoner aesthetic, though in perhaps a markedly less mystic vibes manner. There’s no immediate camp that one can place Sinoptik’s single “Standalone Syndrome” into, but it certainly inhabits the space that fits squarely between doom and utter mayhem. Yet, beneath all the fanfare, there is a wild streak of sincerity within the music and a sense of greater devotion to the hallowed days of stadium rock.

In many ways “Standalone Sydrome” plays out like a perfect textbook European nu-metal release, a harsh underbrush of the track smoothed over by quasi-angelic lyrics. In the case of Sinoptki, vocalist Dmitriy Afanasiev-Gladkykh provides the aforementioned vocal track, sounding like a more mellowed out Josh Homme than perhaps mimicking a David Peacock. The song exercises a great deal of demonstrated restraint from the group (hence the stoner rock tag) but it doesn’t ever plummet into the lazy realm of cannabinoids. Sinoptki does well to ensure that the speeding bullet drums and guitar take precedence over the chilled out vibe.

Considering Sinoptik’s background prior to the release of “Standalone Syndrome,” it’s nothing short of incredible that the band turned around with a release that shows such a clear sense of direction and style. Critical darlings as of late, “Standalone Syndrome” is an oddly refreshing single for the new year.

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