[Review] Elena Andujar – Flamenco In Time

Myriad remixes of tracks notwithstanding, Elena Andujar’s Flamenco In Time is a crisp re-introduction to an otherwise classic genre. Lively, modernistic and a prime example of contemporary Latin culture on record, Andujar’s release is both electrifying and eclectic in its execution. Sure to please traditionalists and house fusion fans all the same, Flamenco In Time is a peculiar and interesting slice of a cross-cultural zeitgeist.

Andujar is, to say the least, a master of contemporary flamenco music with an uncanny ability to blend the sound of the global club scene into her music. It’s no easy task to infuse something so deeply traditionalist with an otherwise disparate genre, but Flamenco In Time could not make the transition more sensible. Andujar is no stranger in bringing her unique brand of music to a more modern audience. The track “Una Vez Mas” serving as the ideal primer to her sensational ability to bring an old-school charm to what can best be categorized as electronic dance music.

Credit must be given to Antonio Andujar an Matt Warren, the incredibly talented percussionist and midi/synth musicians, respectively. Without their presence on record the song “El Despertado” might come off as rather hokey or too busy straddling two zeitgeists. Behind the powerhouse that is Elena Andujar, a cross-generational synergy swells up that is nothing short of magic.

Between the four total tracks, the most interesting development of the record is its ability to bridge two rather disparate schools of Latin music into a product that pleases both masters. In the past this attempt has yielded nothing but useless endeavors for American acts (take any legacy act dipping their toes into EDM or modern pop) so it stands to reason that perhaps Latin music is simply better equipped for a natural evolution. At the very least Andujar proves there’s no age limit for new musical territory, nor any precedents one must meet to be successful.

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