[Review] Zaritza – Zaritza

Zaritza is less of an ambiguous musical presence and more of a traditional electronic-pop outfit, a carefully carved out niche that provides an incredibly appealing release. With the group’s eponymous record, Zaritza reveals themselves as a perfect hybrid of Colbie Callait and Evanesence, though with markedly more substance than the latter’s “Bubbly.” With an understated yet complicated dynamic, Zaritza is as intriguing and exotic as the cover art might suggest.

The mystery of the record is where the electronic influence ends the more traditional pop sensibility begins. On “Flashing Lights,” Zaritza finds a happy medium between the two genres. With less muddling and more of a successful fusion, lead singer Zaritza effortlessly bridges the gap between the technical aspects of electronica and the “listenability” of pop. Even on the cover of “Heart Shaped Box” there’s a quality of style within the performance that veers towards the top 40 chart rather than make up the contents of an underground playlist.

Nevertheless the affable nature of Zaritza is not a hindrance to the appeal of the group or their presence on record. Zaritza makes a sullen track such as “Burn Into Me” and transforms it into music that is more atmospheric than many of Zaritza’s contemporaries. The simplicity in the crossover of the styles truly provides more depth than if the band had attempted to slip into one genre more deeply. It also allows for the chance for the music to breathe and showcase the multi-faceted abilities of the players, most notable Ryan Omark and Chris Macock on guitar.

Zaritza can easily relish in its relation to the ordinary rather than revel in some superfluous manner, and we as listeners ultimately benefit from this indulgence. Zaritza will be a fine compliment to whatever activity one chooses to listen to alongside it.

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