[EP] Zeistencroix – Gemini

Emulating the sonic version of a revolt from the proletariat, Zeistencroix’s Gemini EP is a powerful albeit succinct nod to the Eastern European industrial powerhouses, replete with the sheen of British-cum-Los Angeles production. Zeistencroix provides one of the most appropriate entries to a modern industrial scene, combining a dancefloor sound with a much more unpolished theme. Beneath the surface is something truly dark and primal, presenting the mounting presence of the EP’s namesake in its entirety.

It doesn’t take much longer than listening to “Valley of Death” to find the heavily wrought imagery of Zeistencroix. Presented in such a manner where one can feel the pulsating and throbbing raw energy that has personified industrial music in a most classic sense, Zeistencroix’s arrangements are, to put it mildly, mechanically orgasmic. The soundscapes contained within Gemini are expansive are drawn from quite a shadowy and tempestuous space, a perfect source from which to craft a malevolently passionate record.

For the more metal-oriented listeners, “Dantes” satisfies the need to bend genres while still hitting the blue note of Reznor and company. Still, an attempt to put Gemini into a box is a difficult and helpless task. Zeistencroix portrays a very real rawness without sacrificing artistic vision all the while managing to fall in line with his contemporaries. While the moniker of the group might be gibberish, the authenticity of the record certainly is not – give this lesson in duality a listen.

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