[Review] Luca Bash – Keys of Mine

There’s an instantaneously warm feeling that one gets from listening to Luca Bash. It’s not incredibly simple to pinpoint, but listeners can chalk it up to Bash’s effortless singing and Los Lobos inspiration found on Keys Of Mine. Splendidly released in both English and Spanish formats, Bash’s latest is a multicultural treat that provides a much-needed function of music – relief.

Keys of Mine finds Bash in the most jovial of moods, and one that is perhaps prompted by a look into himself, his relationships and the state of the world around us. These “keys,” as he refers to them, are integral to the process of Bash forming his positive disposition. With a sound that often veers into classic Dave Matthews Band and festival circuit jams, Bash’s originals such as “Paradise Café” can’t help but inspire some mirth.

Bash does certainly circle back around the conceptual ideas of keys, however. Whether or not these keys are literal in terms of music or metaphorical in terms of happiness, the duality of this concept is what keeps the record fresh. “Millennium Idiot” exhibits this point perfectly, a funk-infused track that portrays some mental combativeness that Bash is facing.

Overall, Keys Of Mine is a fun look at a cultural divide brought together, alongside the impossible bird of complacency within inner turmoil. Bash may not have all the answers, but he simply won’t allow the ambiguity of life to keep him down.

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