[Review] Galapaghost – Pulse

Though we are musically richer due to the fact, there have been an unfortunate number of records dedicated to tragedies or musical pieces committed to the memory of a particularly devastating event. As per the case of Galapaghost’s Pulse, a musical devotion of sorts to last summer’s Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, there is proof that at the very least, a tribute can have more dimension than simply that of a reflection. And while Galapaghost’s latest is certainly about looking back into society for meaning, a greater sense of perspective is explored as well.

The manner in which Pulse progresses is unique – from a choatic and dissonant Americana sound to a friendlier, modern, alt-rock record. This mirrors Galapaghost’s advancement as an artist as well, moving forward from more specific and technical issues to more commonplace and universal themes, one can hear the music move alongside that deliberate path. Still, it’s important to note Pulse’s titular track, a heavy and somber look at the 2016 tragedy. “Pulse” contains some thoroughly roots-rock themes, reminding one that the events depicted in the song are, in fact, an American issue to contend with.

There are some genuinely light spots on the album. Despite the title, “Woke Up on The Wrong Side of The Earth Today,” it is a Saturday morning cup of coffee track, as much as any country-adjacent song about toiling to be bone can lend itself to casualty.

Galapaghost is at a serious crossroads of finally figuring out a relevant and unique position in which to perch themselves. While Galapaghost’s material contributes to the mold it is forming around the dread and unfortunate yet important events unfolding at a global and national level, it’s still deeply personal, much like other country contemporaries localize their work. A fine place to be positioned at, with Pulse veering towards a much more global policy.

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