[Song] Christmas Hearts Club Band – Merry Christmas Everyone

In the path that we take towards the end of the year, especially in a musical sense, some drift towards a more somber yet lyrically fulfilling sentiment. Enter the Christmas Hearts Club Band, a UK-based collective that brings forth the single “Merry Christmas Everyone,” a yuletide greeting that strives to make the best of a year that others would rather forget. The Christmas Heart Club Band is perfect for setting the mood during a season where melancholia can creep in and displace otherwise cheerful feelings.

Without any irony, “Merry Christmas Everyone” purports a wholly positive message without slipping into the realm of pseudo-worship or mom-rock. Lost Nomad, the group from which the Christmas Hearts Club Band is comprised, have a certain British folk hook, heavily influenced by Nick Drake.

Vocalists Marty Cragg and India Foskett lend the track a distinctly classic Christmas feel, though a modern indie air seeps into the piece. And much like older Christmas standards, there’s a sense of reality coupled with welcoming this time of year. Overall, the Christmas Hearts Club Band promotes a positive sentiment as 2017 comes to a close, a sentiment that ought to be taken seriously.

As a whole, “Merry Christmas Everyone” isn’t an overzealous plea to ask folks to celebrate, but to remember that not all is lost. A warm and kind reminder for the season indeed.

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