[Review] The Kris Heaton Band – World Gone Mad

Don’t let the superfluously garish album art fool you – The Kris Heaton Band is anything but filler. Boasting an impressive catalogue as of late loaded with politically charged songs, World Gone Mad may be The Kris Heaton Band’s most impassioned endeavor yet. A rousing blend of rock and blues roots, The Kris Heaton Band can’t seem to stop playing to crowds of thousands, even if the format is simply through the headphones of only one listener.

Blasting open the record with “Who Let The Bullets Fly” shows a wildly raucous decision, a perfectly cagey rocker reminiscent of the early 90’s output from the late 70’s Heartland stars. There is, however, a distinctly New England vibe to the entirety of World Gone Mad. “Drink To The Girls,” for example, gives the listener a look inside a crowded East Coast bar through the lens of leftover beer foam, but a look that is still introspective for the barflies and house band members.

It’s not just wild antics from the Kris Heaton Band on World Gone Mad. There are plenty of contemplative moments to examine throughout the record. Heaton gives the listener quite a lot to chew on from the get-go, hollering long streams of angst to those listening yet not acting. The latter half of the album still finds an energetic Kris Heaton and company, albeit one that can add some serious thought behind a tune like “Way of The World.”

The secret weapon of the Kris Heaton Band may be less visible than one thinks. The group’s innate ability to keep up with a wide range of feelings despite sounding as if they wandered out a pub is a real talent, and Heaton’s leadership is perhaps criminally underrated. Heaton sends the listener through a very direct line of questioning and reasoning throughout the current state of the country, as it were.

World Gone Mad is a true journey through the psyche of rock band as they may view the world today, a point of view either entirely castrated by one side or overlooked by its constituents. Luckily, The Kris Heaton Band can reach a wide audience.

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    Thanks for your insights . Loved the review .

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